Testing: Zero Setup

jason arbon
2 min readApr 6, 2023

With all this awesome progress in AI lately — AI should help make testing easy too!

It's no wonder so many people avoid software testing — all these frameworks, configurations, integrated development environments, programming languages, selectors, data generation, complex user interfaces, test case databases, bug databases, etc. Ick. We should be using AI not just to make testing tolerable — but possibly even fun. AI should at least make it embarrassingly easy to test an app.

I love testing, but it is barely enough to overcome these frustrations myself. Testing should be so easy that most of the basics can be done by developers, product managers, CXOs — even my dad.

There are so many websites without basic testing, and so many with insufficient testing — we need to enable everyone to do the basic testing of their apps. People in line at Starbucks, a tester one-handed on a bus, or someone dozing off for a nap should be able to kick off a test pass.

Here is the initial design of a mobile launch screen in the Testers.ai app. The idea was to keep it as simple as possible. Simple to add an application, see a familiar ‘feed’ of apps that can be tested, each with test summary results. The different ‘AI Tester’ bots are accessible from the bottom and their profile pages enable turning on and off their test for test runs. We are working to keep the design simple, ‘flat’, and get people testing in just “two taps”. Just one tap to add an app, and one more to ‘run’ :)

If you have thoughts, questions, or suggestions for a zero-setup world, or this design in particular, please share.

At Testers.ai, we are building the future of testing — with zero-setup test automation.

Join us and signup for the beta! It's as easy as installing an app :)

— Jason Arbon



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