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jason arbon
3 min readDec 2, 2022

Skip Post. App Says it all.

If you don’t care about your app’s quality, like to waste your time or money, or are too stubborn to learn from other people’s experiences, it’s all good. There is nothing for you to see here. You aren’t my type anyway :)

If you have already seen the testing of 100’s of top apps, automated testing of 10’s of thousands of apps, talked to the app stores about patterns in app quality, analyzed 100’s of millions of app store reviews, and spent 10’s of millions of dollars with dedicated engineers focused on the topic, there is probably nothing new for you here. Move along.

If you made it this far, you should be happy to know that all that information has been compiled into a little mobile app. With a few taps and a few minutes, you will know what to worry about and what not to worry about and how to fix it. If this doesn’t sound cool or you don’t like to be data-driven, it's okay; you can go back to guessing what you should be working on.

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The formula is simple; there are Quality Attributes, Quality Monsters, and App Store reviews to consider.

Quality Attributes are the types of issues users mention in app store reviews. Positive and negative. Importantly, it turns out that users of Finance apps care about very different things than users of Social Networking apps or Games. Know your app’s category, then drill into the issues users in your app’s category care about most. Also, ignore the things they DON’T care about so you don’t waste your time on them. For every quality attribute, there are many hard-learned tips and tricks on how to make them better.

Quality Monsters: These are the things that are the root cause of many issues in applications. Rather than discover them yourself, they are all listed in the app :). Know them so that you can avoid them, and there are tips in there on how to deal with them.

App Store Reviews: Your users are giving you feedback — it's crazy how few teams monitor the review feedback. It's crazier how few take action on the feedback because they can’t see the patterns or, frankly, choose to focus on features instead. Remember your management, potential users, competitors, and even family members can see these reviews. The app lets you quickly get a handle on recent reviews, prioritize them, and connect them back to tips on resolving the issues quickly and efficiently.

The app also lets you quickly share those reviews and tips with your team so you can get people on your team to care and start taking action on them.

The app breaks out tips and tricks by engineering roles as well — developers, testers, and product managers all have a role in App Quality.

All I ask is you help share the app with other folks that care about the quality of their apps, even if you don’t. I’m trying to ensure that everyone can benefit from a decade of caring about App Quality so their apps are better and they can have more time for other things.

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