Laws of Test Management

jason arbon
2 min readNov 9, 2023

Strategy Paradox

The best test strategy is a mix of conflicting strategies.

Nobel Principal

Proving positive ROI means the Nobel Prize in economics.

Data Volume Principal

Less data, but correct and real-time, is best.

Retention Principal

Enrich and support your team — to keep them.

Law of Ratios

The developer-to-tester ratio should be proportional to the importance of correctness.

Human Principal

Test strategy should depend primarily on the humans, not the tech or the business.

1st Law of Speed

Speed is your enemy. You will never be fast enough but never slow things down.

2nd Law of Speed

Speed is your friend. Speed is appreciated more than quality.

Managers be Managers Principle

The best test managers are not the best testers.

The Law of Flatness

Structure kills testing.

People Paradox

You are a manager and communicator of risk, not people.

Paradox of Nothing

The greatest test power is to not test something.

Tool Principal

Most testing tools are bought by tools.

Hiring Paradox

Some testers are hired for scale-induced promotion.

Efficiency Principle

Automation has a negative ROI except for speed.

Onesie Principal

On a test team of one, you are the tester and the manager.

Law of Ethical Testing

Be ethical in absolute, not relative, terms.

Law of the Customer

Your customers are the business and the customer — but the business’ customer is also the customer.

People Principal

The best test strategy for a given context — will vary by the tester and their team.

Politician Principal

You are a politician, be a great one.

Law of Success

Success is not being noticed. But make people notice.

— Jason Arbon, TestNerd



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